Guild Located on Zuras EU

<P R I M E> is ran by Paralysis on the Zuras PvP server – Paralysis holds great knowledge of TERA due to playing from the Beta. We have re rolled on the new server due to our old server (Killian) being locked to ALL new players of TERA.

We plan to aim high in TERA, as we have in all of our games
We have a large group of gamers that all push to be the best in everything.

We have some exceptional players and a great gaming history but the reason we are all still together is that we enjoy raiding and playing together as a team.

This is why we wish to expand, we want to find others that we can bring to the Community the enjoys gaming as much as us!

We will have an equal share in PvE, PvP events.

Each ‘area’ in TERA will have a dedicated manager to plan organise and run events, ie the PvE Manager will arrange all of the PvE based events and likewise for the PvP Manager.

The bottom line is that we all aim to have fun while gaming together as a community

We spend countless hours on games and for us, the we have the most fun when we are gaming with other skilled players that share the same goals and aspirations in-game.

We have no application process on the website.

To join simply log onto the Zuras server and apply in-game.