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Tweet from Ricova_LoL – @euprimegaming Blackhand going well………..

Ricova_LoL: @euprimegaming Blackhand going well……….. Back to Home

Tweet from Ricova_LoL – Blackhand Time Bitches @euprimegaming

Ricova_LoL: Blackhand Time Bitches @euprimegaming Back to Home

Tweet from Ricova_LoL – Pre Blackhand trash selfie with my man Jubella @euprimegaming

Ricova_LoL: Pre Blackhand trash selfie with my man Jubella […]

Tweet from Ricova_LoL

Blast furnace times #primisadick @euprimegaming

1 Night 3 Bosses

We are now into our second week of raiding  we […]

Warlords is Just Around the Corner!

With Warlords of Draenor just around the corner I’m sure […]

PRIME Recruiting for Second HC Raiding Team For WoD

With the new expansion getting closer and closer we have […]

PRIME is recruiting to continue with heroics! (9/14 – 10Man)

It’s that time of year again where many people will […]

PRIME – Recruiting To Start Hitting Heroic Modes

<PRIME> Guild located on the EU PvP Realm of Ragnaros […]

Newley Added: Terraria Server 1.2

Due to popular demand we have added a Terraria Server […]

1 Day To Go!! Blur Tournament

1 day and 9hours until the first ever Blur Tournament, […]

Blur Tournaments Starting 1st September!

PRIME gaming will be hosting a Bi-Weekly friendly tournament to […]

Blur Tournaments – Coming Soon!!

Coming soon to PRIME Gaming!!

Weekly/Bi-Weekly friendly Tournaments
Sign up area to […]

Welcome Back!

PRIME Welcomes back some of its oldest members!

A new guild […]

My hopes for The Elder Scrolls Online

The first time I played Morrowind, I felt like penetrating […]

PRIME of Dawn – Recruitment Open!

We currently have a very close knit 10man team of […]

IronAngelChallenge Episode#1 Summary

The Iron Angel Challenge was a great success. We, players, […]

IronAngel Challenge, starting 12th april

Hello everyone,

MistAngels and PRIMEGaming community are happy and proud to […]

Report From League

Team roster:
We successfully gathered a team of players that want […]

Mist Angels News – Latest titles earned

We had some promotions and titles earned in Mist Angels. […]

PRIME of Legends!!

PRIME gaming is proud to be introducing League of Legends […]

The Thunder King is coming!

The ThunderKing is coming! And he is making his come […]

Zuras – The New Home for TERA

As of 14:00CET today TERA opened up realm transfers from […]

MistAngels News – Promotion Ceremony #4

For the 4th Ceremony, Mist Angels gathered in Hearth of […]


PRIME Gaming return to TERA!!

The newly free to play MMO […]

Guild Wars 2 guild missions: why so happy!

I’ve a profond admiration for Arenanet and their devoted effort […]

PRIME For a New Dawn!

PRIME Gaming and Dawn of the Gathering have merged both […]

MistAngels News: “Nightmare Angels”


Congratulation to TEAM1 who earned friday 15 february the fancy […]

The Elder Scrolls Online

TESO has been voted the most anticipated MMO for 2013 […]

Guild Wars II

Join our Guild Wars II guild!

Regular raids and PvP events […]

Starcraft II Tournaments

Starting soon! Weekly/Bi Weekly Starcraft II tournaments – Sign up […]

PRIMECraft – Tekkit Server

Coming soon!! An official Tekkit server for PRIME Gaming hosted […]

World of Warcraft – Stormrage EU

PRIME Gaming welcomes our newest World of Warcraft guild to […]