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PRIME – Recruiting To Start Hitting Heroic Modes

<PRIME> Guild located on the EU PvP Realm of Ragnaros is recruiting the lat few members to join or core team for Heroic progression. We will be raiding 2-3 nights per week (Days to be confirmed once the core unit […]


Newley Added: Terraria Server 1.2

Due to popular demand we have added a Terraria Server running on the latest version. Terraria offers players a chance to be an action gamer, master builder, a collector, and even an explorer! Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible […]


1 Day To Go!! Blur Tournament

1 day and 9hours until the first ever Blur Tournament, the first of many! The Tournament is a friendly and free to register as a Single or Team player   Sign-Ups are still open until 4pm tomorrow!! Click here to […]


Blur Tournaments Starting 1st September!

PRIME gaming will be hosting a Bi-Weekly friendly tournament to commence on the 1st of September 2013. The tournament as it will be the first of any will be all classes and all races. Points will be calculated at the […]


Blur Tournaments – Coming Soon!!

Coming soon to PRIME Gaming!! Weekly/Bi-Weekly friendly Tournaments Sign up area to sign for the latest events History of Events and Tournaments A Champion Title that players will achieve if they win If you have never played or heard of […]


Welcome Back!

PRIME Welcomes back some of its oldest members! A new guild has been formed on Ragnaros consisting of some of its oldest raiders and founders…. Players include Paralysis, Flash, Snake, Smify, Mwe, Unx, Anberline, Clungee, Tugg! Welcome to our new […]


My hopes for The Elder Scrolls Online

The first time I played Morrowind, I felt like penetrating in a world living by itself. The beauty of the landscapes. The water. The sunset. The day and night cycle. The atmosphere. And the incredible freedom to do whatever you […]


PRIME of Dawn – Recruitment Open!

We currently have a very close knit 10man team of exceptional players. We have now opened recruitment for skilled and active players to join us for 25man content…. Our players crave the need for more intense fights and more challenging […]


IronAngelChallenge Episode#1 Summary

  The Iron Angel Challenge was a great success. We, players, had a lot of fun during the three hours of the challenge, despite the dramatics events that occured. It seems that our viewers enjoyed it aswell. For those that […]


IronAngel Challenge, starting 12th april

Hello everyone, MistAngels and PRIMEGaming community are happy and proud to invite you to our new show that we will show every friday, starting this 12th april 2013, the Iron Angels Challenge! Most people are aware of the challenge Ironman […]