PRIME Gaming runs a close knit team of players within League of Legends to progress up the ranks while having fun in game. The Community Manager for League of Legends is Imortist. Their role is to provide the PRIME Gaming Community with Events, Tournaments, Guides and Streams – Stay tuned to see more over the next few weeks!!



We are a group of friends that have decided to play together and try to get our selves into competetive gaming.
We are aiming to hit ranked games and to make a name for PRIME Gaming in the League of Legends Circuit, Over the coming weeks/months we will be adding a lot of new content for League of Legends including (But not limited to)

  • Regular Friendly Tournaments and Events
  • Ranked 5v5 Battles
  • Player Training and Guides
  • Live streamed Events

We are also on the lookout for our 5th Member of our Core 5v5 Team

Visit the forums to register your interest


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Here are a few basic Rules & Regulations:

  • Lead By Example – At PRIME Gaming we pride ourselves in being an organised and mature gaming community. Please behave in a manner within the online community both in and out of game that would fit that profile
  • Have fun, But Not at Anyone’s Expense – We want you to have fun in-game but there is a fine line between friendly banter and taking a stab at some one.
  • Support Your Team – Help your teammates out by sharing ideas/strategies and helping new players out
  • Mumble Chat – For ranked games we require players to use our Mumble server



To be added

Currently looking for a 5th player for the Core 5v5 team

Contact ‘Imortist’ for details



How to Join Us?

Simply create a new forum under the League of Legends section to register your interest

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