Guild Wars 2 is a different MMO, that encourages players to cooperate and share their time together in different activities while rewarding them for playing the game the way they want. Mist Angels is a guild that follows exactly the same philosophy.
Guild Wars 2 offers great possibility’s in terms of PVP, PVE, social activities, exploration and role play. We have decided to settle in this game and to build a solid project, a home for all sort of players for the months, the years to come.


[quote]Time for me to drop my luggage and to settle for good. I intend to spend a long time in Guild Wars 2, to fully discover it at my pace, and to dedicate myself to our project. Because I believe this game have the right answers for the new generations of MMORPG gamers. – Elloa[/quote]



  • Mist Angels is a PVX guild on the Eu server Piken Square
  • Our main focus is our family in Tyria. We try to offer the most welcoming environment for all sort of gamers, may they be casual, achievers, explorers, PVP oriented or Dungeons addicts.
  • Our recruitment is slow and careful to give every member the time to be introduced properly in our community. Our new recruits are promoted along a very special ceremony.
  • The guild is led democratically by a council of 6 dedicated players. The council listens to the wishes of our members and organizes the guild accordingly.
  • Our guild is dynamic, enthusiastic and active. Our members are always up for some playtime together in one of the many aspects GW2 offers.
  • We organize our activities between spontaneous events, and a weekly schedule announced on our website. Dungeons runs, SPVP nights, PVE challenges, Adventures evenings, etc…

  • Mist Angels is a NON roleplay guild on the Roleplay server Piken Square. The concept is to offer for roleplayers (and non roleplayers) a social guild with an organisation and structure to welcome them when they want to experiment end game and PVP in good conditions.
  • Mist Angels activity will be organised arround regular announced events. This will allow each members to know exactly when there is something fun happening and when to participate.
  • Mist Angels have a very clear and structured ranking system that will allow to be very open, and welcoming, while keeping fairness for most dedicated members.

We organise our activities through spontaneous events, and sheduled events. Our members are encouraged to organise their own event on the Calendar.
We have different type of events:

Social events Puzzle nights, Adventures, Drink+SPVP, Games… Purpose is to have fun, all together.
Every Sunday are saved for a social event

Dungeon runs: Dungeons runs and Fractals are spontaneously organised daily by our members. In addition, we try to offer a help to our less experimented/less geared players trough events dedicated to “Catch’Up”.
We have started a new sort of event, for our more dedicated PVE players: Challenges. Purpose is to push the game further by adding some difficulties and some competition: Dungeons races, Race against the Clock, weird group compositions, etc…
Every Friday are saved for PVE.

WvWvW: Unfortunately, due to the server situation, and the long queues, we are not able to organise any WvWvW activites anymore.(feb 2013)

SPVP and Tournament SPVP is one of our favourite Social events. We invest one server for ourselves and fight against each other, for the fun!
Recently we decided to also experiment Tournament, and duels.



1. Behavior

We expect our member to behave with their guild mates and other players in a friendly way.

  • Stay polite even when provoked
  • No chat and forum trolling
  • Stay mature in conflict
  • Be helpful and kind to others.

2. Participation

We expect our members to be active, even casually. By never participating to our events, never grouping with your guild mates for any activities, you will exclude yourself from the guild life, and therefor exclude yourself from being a real member.

  • Favor guild activities over PUGing and solo playing. Note : this doesn’t forbid you to play solo or with pug/friends. We just want to ensure that the guild stay your priority.
    Players that never participate in any guild activity will see their membership being reconsidered.
  • Warn us if you are going to be inactive and/or missing for a certain period of time.
    Members that stay offline for 1 month without have written about it will be cleared out of the guild.
  • Teamspeak and forums.
    We expect our member to join Teamspeak when asked. You are not forced to speak if you don’t feel like it, or have no micro.
    We expect our member to regularly read the forums, sign our events, and participates to polls or important guild discussions.

3. Represent

We expect our members to represent our guild most of the time. This to allow you to be really part of the guild life, participate to guild chat, and guild events.
However, it’s permitted to not represent the guild at all time if you are also part of another guild (roleplay, friends, hardcore pvp…)

If you are never or almost never representing Mist Angels it will be discussed with you your motivations of being part of our guild, and if either you will be given the Guest rank, or being removed from the guild.

4. Leadership:

To ensure that nothing that can affect the guild will ever be taken by only one person:

  • Important guild decisions are being discussed openly with the guild. The council take the final decisions accordingly, after private discussion and 3 positives votes.
  • Recruitment, promotion and members removal require 3 votes from the council.
  • Events can be organised by any members, after authorisation from 1 council member, to ensure a smooth organisation.

5. Promotions:

Promotions will happen grouped along a special event. This might take some times to be organised, so stay patient.
Players will be promoted according to their participation and their dedication to the guild.

See rank description in Mist Angels: concept and presentation

To know more, read First Promotion Ceremony article

  1. Guild Master and Council
    Mist Angels is lead by a council of 5 persons. The Council is organising and managing the guild, taking descision while respecting the general wishes of Mist Angels members.
    Council: Elloa(GM), Lunastra, Meriad, Imortist, Luvia Maya (Eden)
  2. Elders
    Elders are long term members. Because they have been dedicated at some point, because they have been in the guild for so long, they have earned our trust, and are gratified by that rank. Elders will not be cleared out of the guild after unactivity without a discussion between the elder and the council.
    Light Activity and dedication required.
  3. Members
    Members can be regular or casual. They are the body of Mist Angels. They can be cleared out of the guild after 1 month unactivity.
    Regular Activity and dedication required.
  4. Recruit
    Fresh member that just joined. Fresh members will requiere the help and attention from all members to be warmly introduced in the guild. Once they have been properly introduced in the guild, they will be promoted members along a special ceremony.


How to Join?

If you are intersted in joining Guild Wars please use the following link below:

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