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IronAngelChallenge Episode#1 Summary

  The Iron Angel Challenge was a great success. We, players, had a lot of fun during the three hours of the challenge, despite the dramatics events that occured. It seems that our viewers enjoyed it aswell. For those that […]


IronAngel Challenge, starting 12th april

Hello everyone, MistAngels and PRIMEGaming community are happy and proud to invite you to our new show that we will show every friday, starting this 12th april 2013, the Iron Angels Challenge! Most people are aware of the challenge Ironman […]


Mist Angels News – Latest titles earned

We had some promotions and titles earned in Mist Angels. Here is a summary of our latest special events. Baby Fractals The Baby Fractals event had lot of success! We had three parties of 5 members participating to the challenge: […]


MistAngels News – Promotion Ceremony #4

For the 4th Ceremony, Mist Angels gathered in Hearth of the Mist and selected a server to invade. The hardship the selected recruits would have to endure to be finaly promoted as true members of Mist Angels was different than […]


Guild Wars 2 guild missions: why so happy!

I’ve a profond admiration for Arenanet and their devoted effort to give to their MMO the strong community aspect that had been spoiled or destroyed in other games. In Guild Wars 2, many features are encouraging and rewarding players to […]