[box_dark]PRIME Gaming is a large and well established multi-gaming community that started its life out many years ago as a simple World of Warcraft guild. Over the years as players left for other games to dominate – PRIME Gaming created this community in which we can all still be together even though we are across different gaming platforms and games. Our aim is to provide and maintain a mature and friendly enviroment in which players can game together across a variety of games and platforms. We are always open for suggestions and expansion – If you have any ideas or feel there is a game out there that we need to add to our current roster – Please dont hesitate to get in contact![/box_dark]




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Meet the Team

Paralysis – Founder/Owner of PRIME Gaming

TERA Community Manager/Guild Master of <P R I M E> on Zuras PvP realm


Elloa – Guild Wars II Community Manager

Guild Master of <Mist Angels> on the Piken Sqaure EU realm[/box_dark]

Karibal – World of Warcraft Community Manager

Guild Master of <PRIME of Dawn> on the Stormrage EU realm