1 day and 9hours until the first ever Blur Tournament, the first of many!

The Tournament is a friendly and free to register as a Single or Team player


Sign-Ups are still open until 4pm tomorrow!!

Click here to sign up.


  • After each Race I will manually make a note of each players points in case anyone disconnects.
  • Players will be given 5 minutes in between each race to select their cars and colours etc
  • All mods will be disabled and AI enabled (Depending on how many players we have)
  • The winners of the single and team events will keep their title until the next Tournament


Below is the list of Races and Car Classes.

The classes have been selected at random for each race.

Race No#Race NameCar Class
1LA River - Concrete BasinB
2NY Dumbo - Manhattan View
3LA Downtown - The Money RunA
4LA Docks - Pacific ReachD
5Hollywood Hills - Hollywood RiftA
6Barcelona Oval - SpeedwayD
7Amboy - Route 66B
8Brighton - Promenade LoopA
9LA Downtown - Highrise RingB
10SanFran Russian Hill - Russian SteppesC
11Tokyo Shutoko - Wangan-SenD
12NY Dumbo - Brooklyn TourA
13LA River - Stormdrain SurgeC
14Hollywood Hills - Downtown VistaB
15Hackney - Urban BeltA
16Brighton - Coastal CruiseB
17Barcelona Gracia - Passeig De GraciaC
18Amboy - Badlands TraverseD
19Hackeny - Shoreditch SwitchC
20LA Docks - Cargo RunB
21SanFran Sausalito - Golden Gate RushD
22Tokyo Shutoko - Bayshore RouteA
23LA Downtown - Harbor FreewayC
24Barcelona Oval - City BreachD
25Mount Haruna - DescentA