Hello everyone,

MistAngels and PRIMEGaming community are happy and proud to invite you to our new show that we will show every friday, starting this 12th april 2013, the Iron Angels Challenge!

Most people are aware of the challenge Ironman and this has been achieved in various games by many players, the basic premise being, to level a character as far as possible without dying. Some additional rules can also be added to spice up the difficulty, such as restricting equipment or skills.

One day we decided to organise a similar event in our guild. For the players that wished to take part the principle was simple; for all to level a new character together without dying, with the death of a character resulting in it being deleted and the player eliminated from the challenge. From this basic idea it quickly evolved into something bigger.

Firstly, we had many more members interested that we anticipated. Instead of having one small group, we would have three full teams. Secondly, we wanted to stream this as a series of events, offering an exiting show that would allow viewers to interact in some way. A sort of survivalist reality show in Guild Wars 2!

Iron Angels Challenge Show

Join us every Friday at 21h CET for our Show: Iron Angels Challenge!
Support your favourite team by following their adventures on one of our three Livestreams: Team BLUE, Team GOLD or Team GREEN. If you can’t choose your favourite, follow all streams at once on the dedicated PRIME Gaming page here.
Vote for your favourite player after each show. These players will recieve a bonus that will help him during his next adventures.We have set up a voting system on Anook that you will be able to use: here. Anook is a new and promising social network for gamers. You can easily sign up, using your Google or Facebook account.
Missed the Show? Don’t worry! We will summarise each Show on PRIME-Gaming.com, with screenshots, comments from our players, and links to the past broadcast of our livestreams.
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We hope to see a lot of you following our adventures and supporting our teams and players!


  • Dead: delete character + all gold goes to team members. The only exeption is if you crashed. Dead during Afk,lagspikes,… count.
  • Buying stuff: not allowed exept repair costs, gathering tools, salvage kits.
  • Gear, bags, food: only from drops and tradeable between team members.
  • Dungeons, story, crafting, trading post: not allowed
  • Leveling: in zone of level. Once the highest person in team hits the lvl above everyone goes to higher zone (one person hit 18 in zone from 1-17= everyone moves to higher zone). It’s up to the teams to balance lvl’s
  • Waypoints: not allowed in zone. Can be used only to go to other zones or major cities
  • Traits: 50 points allowed and only first 2 tiers (so don’t wast money on last book)
  • All weapons and skill points allowed
  • Missing players: no catch up , running next event in the zone of the highest lvl in your team (again up to the teams to try to balance lvls as much as possible)
  • Breaking the rules: Delete character
  • Reforming groups: No. Only when 1 player is left he can join up another team

Some notes:

  • If you break a small rule by accident (not intented) you can get one warning
  • Everything stays on the character exept salvaged materials, dye’s , exotic or rare skins (e.g precursor) those can be stored in bank
  • Leveling needs to be on lvl with highest player, you can switch zone’s as much as you like if it’s in the same range.
  • If one person is getting behind too much (missing 2-3 events in a row) and it is becoming too difficult to get him on the level of the others he can decide not to be a burden to the rest of the team and give up. This results in DQ from the player but he may hold his character (money still need to be given away at team members)