Team roster:

We successfully gathered a team of players that want to play League of Legends on serious base and get good at e-sports. We had “Wreck aka” as top player,  “Hawton” as our mid player and  “Dr Delgado” as ad carry.  “Riku05” has changed his name to “SynpoSiS” – that’s our jungler. I am playing support role.  After week of hard practice we decided to change our top lane. We were looking for over average players and unfortunately Wreck couldn’t play as we wanted to. We have no time to help him to get better as we aiming for pro league by the end of this season.  Now we will have “a Health Potion” as a top player. Haven’t seen him in action yet I hope he will perform good and we will have no trouble establishing connection with him and his play stile.  It’s always hard to disband someone, especially If that person wasn’t bad. We just never had time to train him to our level at least.

So team roster at this time looks like :

  • A Health Potion – top player
  • Hawton – AP carry, mid player
  • SynpoSiS – jungler
  • Dr Delgado – AD carry
  • Imortist – support.


We’re currently working on establishing training schedule. We’re all living in different time zones and sometimes it’s hard to find time that would suit everyone. We had 3 training evenings as a team and so far we had 8-12 games with 2-3 lose. We have good communication and that’s great. Sometimes it’s hard to connect with the team but during the game we are concentrated and work as one mechanism. Everyone tries their best to help each other and to complete global objectives. Right now the aim is on communication. We’re planning to start developing team compositions that would bring us to the win of the game. It’s still hard because team has changed a bit and now we need to get to know our to planer a bit better. I hope that there will be no problems. There are some communication issues though. We love to trash talk a lot. This problem we’re aiming to solve. The goal is to have silent chat where people will call for misses or ganks and that’s it. That’s not that hard, so I hope we will get through that really fast. Another problem we need to work on is our early game. We always loose early game and then turn the game to our favor.  This is just a matter of practice on playing safe and we already have a way to encourage that. I feel like we are ready to start playing rankeds soon enough.

To do list:

Establish schedule for trainings

Work on mistakes and search for new ones.

Get more champions and develop synergies for them

My opinion on the team

We have done a lot and we still need to do a lot. But with the current team we can get to pro league. We need to work hard and we will work hard. I love that we are international team and have players from different sides of the world, although that brings problems with training time. I really enjoy playing with these guys and hope that we will be able to perform some nice tactics and win some respect. I hope that over the time we will not forget that it’s only a game and we must enjoy it. That was our main goal at the very beginning.