We had some promotions and titles earned in Mist Angels. Here is a summary of our latest special events.
Baby Fractals

The Baby Fractals event had lot of success! We had three parties of 5 members participating to the challenge: finishing a full Fractal run with lvl 10 characters. Most of players also choose a class they weren’t accustomed to.  Everyone seemed to have lots of fun trying to accomplish this challenge.


Asura Krewe: Ramagh & Roanall, Elementalist ; Tundar, Necromancer ; Kiti, Engineer and Elloa, Thief

Fractals: Urban Battlegrounds, Snowblind, Underground Facility.

The Asura Kewe encountered difficulties at the first boss. Indeed, the real level of the characters, and the group composition made the party very squishy. Several wipes had been neccessary to be able to kite the boss correctly, and to finish it. The fight was very challenging and very fun.

The second fractal didn’t caused any major difficulties. Of course Tundar had to fall off a Cliff for his Tundar Moment!

The last fractal was the dredge one, and this went very very hard without any heavy armored player. Utilizing twisted tactics, the group managed to get to the last boss. However, the Ice Elemental resisted the multiple assault of the Krewe. The team used different tactics, but all went unsuccesful. The asura had to admit their defeat, and teleproted back to the Lab without having finished the Fractals. The Team didin’t earned its tile.

The two other team wet a lot more succesful and the 10 players earned their fancy title “Baby Fractal”


Forest Team: Nuithari & Max, Necromancer ; Imo, Elementalist  ; Zan, Ranger ; Dawg, Thief

Fractals: Uncategorized, Aquatic Ruins, Swampland

“Team Forest struggled but persevered!  Halfway through the first Fractal, with the Raving Asura, Max had severe connection problems. We decided to go on, but we failed miserably (BOOBS all around…) After a couple of tries, we decided to wait for max, but everytime he got back, he dc’ed shortly after. So we did the only sensible thing we could do… We danced! After that, we nailed it! Raving Asura with 4x lvl 10? CHECK!

Off to the next one then, the underwater Fractal. Most people didn’t have anywater skills unlocked. But it went fine actually. And Max got to join us for the major part!

The last challenge was swamp. We had Salomol join in on his lvl9 for this one as Max kept having dc problems. The worst part? Killing our family, our brother, our Own! I’m sorry Bloomhunger… But you stood in our way… RIP little Tree.

So yeah, we weren’t the fastest, but we were the funniest  And we did it with 4.3 people!”



FuryTeam: Symphy, Warrior ; Nether, Mesmer ; Spsnyder, Elementalist ;  Insane, Necromancer ; Ignore, Guardian.

Fractals: Cliffside, Urban Battlegrounds, Aquatic Ruins

“Our team started an hour after the first two teams since we needed to lvl up people’s alts. We managed to get inside fractals around 11pm. We had four lvl 10’s and one lvl 9.

The first fractal was giant collossus (wich happens to be my favourite one) so before we started I explained the tactics a bit – more was not needed since the guys understood everything and did an awsome job. We had enormous luck on the end boss because he glitched and we had 3 hits for free (aka the boss was in sleep mode) so it was over fast.

The second fractal was Ascalon, we did it without real problems. Again we had luck with the NPC’s that endured almost to the very end and provided that extra dps.

The final fractal was Aquatic ruins (jellyfish) and here the real fun started. I was going “woohooo this is easy” on TS when we loaded in but after 10s I went “ffs I don’t have any underwater skills”. So you can imagine the laughs we had when we realized we all have 1 or maybe 2 skills on only one weapon.  We had some problems with the krait but we managed to pull through, we were again lucky on the lights part wich is waaay easier then the dolphins (for me at least) and killed the jelly in a jiffy.”


Second Duel evening

Kaaelyn is organising now and then a Duel evening. Every participant gather in a SPVP server, and engage each others in a serie of duel. For that second evening, ten player participated: Dawg – Syaark – Meriad – Rhamag- Kaaelyn – Lord Ashenriver – Salamol – Max -Tundar -Emperial.

Everoyne, except Emperial, competed each others for 9 matches, while Ramagh was improving the experience with Final Fantasy musics, and funeral speechs.


  • Salamol: 7 wins/1draw/1loss
  • Max (cain kingslayer): 7 wins/1draw/1loss
  • Syaark : 6 wins/1draw/2loss
  • Kaaelyn (lady levynia): 6 wins/1draw/2loss

After the final duels, we ended with the following ranking:

  1. Salamol
  2. Max
  3. Kaaelyn

Salamol is keeping his title “Expert Duelist”

Tundar’s Surprise Promotion Ceremony

Tundar is our callifornian boy, one of the few American that have choosen Mist Angels as home, and participate to all our event despite the 8 hours of difference. Lately, he had been unfortunate enough to have his account hacked and his character deleted.

Instead of being discouraged, stop playing,  whinning, or spamming Arenanet until they give him back his character, he didn’t gave up and imediatly started to level the same character as fast as possible to not miss our events and guild activities.

Lot of members fond that such dedication needed to be encouraged, and Tundar deserved some help. In addition we didn’t wanted to wait for the next Promotion ceremony to promote him member. Therefor, we ploted to make him a surprise.

The event was disguised into a Jumping Puzzle Race between Tundar and Elloa, as both are known for being bad at jumping, and excellent at falling.

Ramagh prepared some fancy rules: both players had to use tonics (Princess Doll and Charr Soldier) to accomplish two jumping Puzzle in Lion’Arch. The guild members that had been warned by private message gathered at the end of the Pirate Puzzle to greet Tundar.

Tundar won the race, a little bit helped by the presence of Emperial, using his light spell to jump in the dark. But that wouldn’t have changed much the course of action as Elloa had been blocked on the first puzzle, and then got lost in the halls of the second.

Once every were gathered in the grotto, we celebrated the new member of Mist Angels!