The ThunderKing is coming! And he is making his come back from death in a raid that remind the maginficent of Ulduar in Wrath of the Lych King. Four wings, twelve bosses, and an optional secret encounter ” à la” Algalon only unlocked in hardmode. Are you hyped? Are you enthousiast? Do you suddendly feel a urge to get your character and your guild ready? Cause, I certainly am, impatient to put my Goblin feet into this new dungeon, and keep my friends alive through the antique rooms filled with Trolls, Mogu and other monstruous beasts that we will encounter until we face the ThunderKing himself!

Ulduar had certainly be my best experience as a raider. It has been the first time in my WOW career that I was in a stable guild, ready and prepared for a new tiers of content right before it has been released. We went, saw and vanquished the first bosses the very first day, while many other guilds didn’t even managed to log into the instance.

Ulduar was a great raid. The atmosphere had something mysterious, magical and dramatic that I never saw anywhere else. The bosses encounters, how we could twist them into hardmode, all of this was well made, polished, interesting, exiting! I remember you Thorim! And Freya! And Yog Saaron madness! My best memories as a player lie in Ulduar. After all, I didn’t only killed bosses, I also fall in love there…

Since then, I never managed to live a similar experience. And I’ve always been craving for it. When I stopped World of Warcraft in early Cataclysm, it was the disapointement to not be able to live again such a exiting raiding experience more than boredom. Same reasons refrained me to buy Pandaria at release.

But today, I’ve a slight hope… I’m not exactly ready. Our guild, PRIME of Dawn, is not entierly prepared. But this Thunderking raid seem like a place where I’ll be happy to spent many hours many evenings every week! I’ll gladly die, and die and die again for the pleasure of a first kill. Nothing is sweater than the victory of a bosses down for the first time after have work very very hard to get him! I feel my ambition rising in my gamer hearth! I will want to do this, and to do it well, and if my goblin is poorly dressed, my will and my envy are strong!

What got me that much enthousiastic is the reading of all bosses encounters on the offical blog. I’ve always be a fan of the Troll lore, and of all Troll instances. Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman had been my favourite raids for a long time! Zul’Drak was my favourite WOTLK zone. I’ll be so happy to face the “Council of the Elders” gathering the leaders of all Troll nations!

The Forgotten Depth wing seems to bring back memories of Zul’Farak and Maraudon, while the Twin Counsor and the (almost) final fight with the ThunderKing seems like something of great epicness and complexity!

There is many things I really dislike in World of Warcraft. I strongly disagree with the direction the game toke since WOTLK, especially the harm that had been done to the community and the massive nerfs that had been made to catter the slakers! (Common mistake is to think casual = slacker. It’s not true. Casual are players that can’t play often. But they also do enjoy challenges and difficulties. Slakers just enjoy to get free loot)

However, one can be certain that World of Warcraft will always bring exiting, new and fun encounters, well polished bosses, interesting fights, different mechanics that will challenge your group play.

I play World of Warcraft for two reasons today. Nostalgia bring me back. Heh, I’ve spent six years of my life in Azeroth, I’ve met friends and my partener in life! But it’s raids I’m craving for! Long nights spendt on voicechat, doing my best to keep everyone alive while avoiding fire, thunder and storm! And finaly a victory!

So ThunderKing, beware! Elloa – the – goblin is going to kill you with her 24 friends!