For the 4th Ceremony, Mist Angels gathered in Hearth of the Mist and selected a server to invade. The hardship the selected recruits would have to endure to be finaly promoted as true members of Mist Angels was different than usual, as the players would have to prove their worth in combat. They had to won a serie of three duels!

Standing in the middle of the arena, the recruits could be challenged by any other members. Everyone else stood in circle arround, or sitting on walls, out of reach of pets, turrets and other illusions.

We had been witnesses of some pretty fight! We may not brag about it, but we do have some good pvpers in our guild!

Each battleground ended in a chaotic  fight between everyone. Was a pure moment of anarchy! Most fun was to find some random that managed to get in, and revenge on them if they had tried to disturb our event.

Each of our recruit managed to win three duel. Not on  the first try, hopefully!

Congratulations to Donderken, Max, Roanall and Salamol!

Additional congratulations for Kaaelyn, that had been choosen as 7th Council member by the Council after the ceremony.
Do not forget to check the past broadcast of the event on TwichTV