I’ve a profond admiration for Arenanet and their devoted effort to give to their MMO the strong community aspect that had been spoiled or destroyed in other games. In Guild Wars 2, many features are encouraging and rewarding players to collaborate, teamwork, help each others. It might be the leveling scaling, allowing friends and guildmates to play together no matter their personal progress. Or the questing and events system: playing with others is helpful instead of being a competition for who tag the “world boss” first. So many things are created to devellop the interaction between players, and make sure than playing together is at least as much fun and efficient than playing alone.

The newest brillant idea of Arenanet is the guild missions. The 26th february, in the incoming patch, guilds will be able to unlock very cool missions, such as Bounties, Jumping Puzzles, Rush… and not only this will give another purpose for a guild to play together, but also those missions will be unlocked for everyone else in the zone, allowing anyone to tag along with your guild! I’m mind blowed by how much fun this will be!

In Mist Angels, since the very start, we have decided our guild would be a social guild and that we would focus our organisation arround this simple motto “Having fun together“. We always have organised events to play together. Obviously we have organised classic but never boring Dungeons night or SPVP evening. But we didn’t limited ourselves to that. Sometimes we were focusing on doing some jumping puzzles, or adventuring in a zone, exploring, doing quest and events together. Then we started to organise more complex games, using what GW2 had to offer us as base to our creativity: Hide and Seek, duels, races…We were imagining, and preparing even more complex activities when we heard about the guild missions.
This is exactly the kind of activity that fit our guild game style. Not only we will have lot of fun doing this, but also, we will be rewarded for it, and we will be able to make our guild progress!

I’m so thrilled by this new feature that give additional reasons for guild to stick together and enjoy themselves as a group. It also give purpose for players to continue to explore the vast world of Tyria, to come back in early zones, discover part of the world they have never seen yet. It bring players together again. Once a guild have unlocked a mission, everyone else can participate, which mean that guilds are encouraged to stay open to other players and other guilds.
Social guilds that are not into WvW will have a purprose and a goal to achieve. They can take some pride from it, be well known on their server for all the missions they are unlocking.
This is also a feature that I’ve never seen in any MMO I’ve been playing so far. Social activities and events, are now becoming “end game”, and by end game, I do not mean something that only high level can enjoy, but a ultimate purpose in a game. Like winning paid tournament, be respected in WvW, or having progressed far in Fractals.


But enough talk! Next week, we will experiment this for the first time. You will be able to follow our very first guild missions in my Livestream the 27th at 21h (CET), and be sure that I’ll write an article explaining my first feelings about this. Meanwhile, read the blog post of Leah Rivera and  do not hesitate to give us your opinion about guild missions in the comments below!