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1 Night 3 Bosses

We are now into our second week of raiding  we decided to go for Tectus, Brackenspore & Twin Ogron for our first ‘Proper’ encounters on Heroic (I don’t think you can count Kargath Bladefist as a boss, more like a […]


Warlords is Just Around the Corner!

With Warlords of Draenor just around the corner I’m sure like me, millions of players are planning their first dive into the latest expansion… What to level?.. What Spec?.. and will the servers be able to handle the shear volume […]


PRIME Recruiting for Second HC Raiding Team For WoD

With the new expansion getting closer and closer we have now opened our recruitment to be ready for when this hits. The new expansion introduces 20man raiding and therefore we need to be ready! Now that we have a steady […]


PRIME is recruiting to continue with heroics! (9/14 – 10Man)

It’s that time of year again where many people will be heading off on holidays, long term summer breaks, or in the case of our dearly missed warlock, Luteium – a 5 month trip to Bangkok or somewhere. Therefore, PRIME […]


PRIME – Recruiting To Start Hitting Heroic Modes

<PRIME> Guild located on the EU PvP Realm of Ragnaros is recruiting the lat few members to join or core team for Heroic progression. We will be raiding 2-3 nights per week (Days to be confirmed once the core unit […]

Warcraft Recruitment

Click HERE to view our Warcraft recruitment page.